Welcome to Jake’s Celebrations! Here, you will be able to view and purchase banners and t-shirts for your tent or store. So why would anyone buy banners or shirts in the first place? The answer is simple: advertising. Instead of spending ludicrous amounts of money on radio and tv ads or overloading potential customers with social media posts, shirts and banners provide an inexpensive and very effective way of advertising your locations.

By investing in shirts, you can literally wear your brand anywhere you go. Logos on clothing always catch people’s eyes and can even start up conversations between potential customers. Take for example wearing a New York Yankees hat. People from all across America can see the “N” and “Y” and automatically associate it with the professional baseball team. In the same way, when you buy and wear a t-shirt, you can create brand awareness and recognition. Imagine your whole team wearing the same t-shirt as they assist customers and carry on their daily tasks (eating lunch in a restaurant). This kind of direct and indirect customer interaction has immeasurable value. Shirts are also a very practical and potentially long lasting marketing ploy, because unlike most other promotional items, they have a practical use and last long. In addition to this, shirts can be used to attract customers through contests, loyalty programs (giving a free shirt to your best customers),etc…

Banners, like shirts, are customer lures. Large banners outside of stores and tents can catch the eyes of passer-bys and with recognizable brands like Excalibur, World Class, Cutting Edge, etc…brand loyalists can identify your location. In addition to this, banners come in a variety of sizes including our large 8’x8’s and 6’x12’s that are sure hard to miss! Banners can also be a onetime investment, with the potential to pay itself off in a matter of days! In addition to this, the investment you make when you buy banners is one for the long haul as banners can be used over and over again for years!

 All things considered, banners and shirts are cheap and effective investments and at Jake’s our low priced products can be used to your advantage!